Hall of Fame

January 2011
- Implementation of the provider/subscriber technique for inter-model transfer of physical variables.
Alexander Brandt, Jens Eickhoff

Screen video.
Jens Eickhoff

December 2010
- Dynamically updating plot windows - including ground track plot of the rocket over Earth.
Michael Fritz

Fix of a problem in Celestia with scripted spacecraft attitude via ECI quaternions.
Jens Eickhoff and Ivan Kossev.

Fix of longitude position computation formally implemented via Java Astrodynamics Toolkit.
Michael Fritz, Oliver Zeile, Jens Eickhoff.

April 2010

Comprising simple spacecraft attitude dynamics and interface to 3D-Astrodynamics toolkit Celestia.

3D geometry model and raw Celestia Lua scripts by Rouven Witt.

Attitude dynamics implementation, Ivan Kossev.

Body frame debugging, code merges, system integration, tests, debugging, packaging and user manual enhancements, Jens Eickhoff.

January 2010

This release comes with an enhanced MMI featuring a S/C ground track plot over Earth map to track S/C position Michael Fritz .
User manual enhancements Michael Fritz and Jens Eickhoff.

December 2009
IntervalController model added which can be used as alternative to the EngineController.
By means of this model e.g. multiple engine firing / off time intervals can be defined.
The PointMass model was updated to interpret resulting forces as being always tangential to orbit flight vector until a detailed attitude dynamics is available.
A first use of both new PointMass and IntervalController was to simulate a first rocket stage Hohmann orbit transfer.
PointMass enhancements by Ivan Kossev, Universität Stuttgart,
IntervalController, Inputfile configuration for Hohmann Transfer and user manual enhancements by Jens Eickhoff.

November 2009
Featuring upgraded S/C dynamics computation (point mass model & gravity model) providing positions / velocity vector in ECI, ECEF and lat/lon/alt coordinates. Upgraded Engine model.
Ivan Kossev, Universität Stuttgart
Mario Kobald, Universität Stuttgart

September 2009
Featuring improved MMI with basic result data plot functionality.
Michael Fritz, Universität Stuttgart

August 2009
This release comprises essential results from the 1st OpenSimKit Developers Weekend. It completes the rocket simulation by a simplistic Structure Model and includes the realistic Earth Gravity model from the Java Astrodynamics Toolkit (JAT). This allows first orbit simulations around Earth including delta-V effects.
Mario Kobald, Artur Bohr, Claas Ziemke, Universität Stuttgart + Jens Eickhoff

July 2009
Release with fluid flow valves for engine fuel and oxidizer flow control as well as an engine controller steering these flow valves. Entire system thermodynamics revised to be robust against engine shutoff (flows = 0.0) and re-ingnition.
Jens Eickhoff

May 2009
Release with generic logger library for info / debug / error / warning messages.
Timm Pieper

April 2009
First version with clean port definitions for models and model interconnection of models to system via a port connection table in the input file.
Alexander Brandt

February 2009
Now implementing absolute simulation time in ISO format.
Alexander Brandt

December 2008
Separating kernel and model code, Alexander Brandt.
First User Manual, Alexander Brandt & Jens Eickhoff

October 2008
Provision of a simple Orbit Propagator in Java - not yet integrated into OSK.
Ivan Kossev, Universität Stuttgart

September 2008
Port of MatLab SimplePower Model to Java.
Ivan Kossev, Universität Stuttgart

August 2008
OSK-J V2.4.6
First version integrating simulator and former demo of Man Machine Interface.
Alexander Brandt

July 2008
OSK-J V2.4.4
First version with full Ant-based build system.
Alexander Brandt

June 2008
Setup of OSK developers forum.
Michael Fritz, Universität Stuttgart

May 2008
OSK-J 2.4 in Java - port from C++ to Java.
Alexander Brandt, Universität Stuttgart

July 2007
Java control console & simulator demo as multi program multi threading application.
J. Eickhoff

Sept. 2006
"Simple Power" electric system demo.
J. Eickhoff

August 2006
V2.4 (C++)
With div. bug fixes & first Doxygen code docu.
Jochen Scheikl, Matthias Raif, TU München

March 2005
V2.3 (C++)
Featuring XML input file editor.
Peter Heinrich, ETH Zürich

February 2005
V2.2 featuring XML input files.
Peter Heinrich, ETH Zürich

December 2004
V2.1 (C++)
Cleaned up code release no longer comprising unused interfaces.
J. Eickhoff

Winter Term 2004
First OpenSimKit C++ release derived from Author's PhD Thesis and made available as open source student project on www.opensimkit.de.
J. Eickhoff