Software Download

The actual release OpenSimKit V 3.7.0 can be downloaded as .zip files.
The software itself comprises 3 libraries:

  • the simulator kernel
  • the graphical man machine interface and
  • the equipment models for the rocket simulation. 
This simulator package is available for download here.

The updated user manual for OpenSimKit V3.7.0 can be downloaded in OpenDocument format here and in PDF here.

Finally the fileset for interfacing Celestia from OpenSimKit V3.6.0 / V3.7.0 for 3D visualization purposes is provided here as optional add-on.

License Conditions and Liability:

OpenSimKit is free software. You are free to publish, copy, use and modify it under the conditions of the GNU General Public License Version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Publishing of this software program is done under the assumption that it will be beneficial for the users, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, even without any implicit warranty on READINESS FOR MARKETING or the APPLICABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Details can be found in the GNU General Public License included in the OpenSimKit download.

The information on this website is regularly evaluated and updated. Neither the provider nor the author are liable for or provide any warranty for completeness, correctness or actuality of the information on other websites, which are cross referenced from here via hyperlinks.

Have fun in using and improving OpenSimKit.