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OpenSimKit is a free System Simulation Tool under GNU Public License, specially designed for academic applications & lectures. OpenSimKit comprises:
- a simulator kernel
- a graphical user interface
- a rocket upper stage subsystem library with orbit dynamics and limited attitude dynamics
The latest software release isOpenSimKit  V3.7.0.

The simulation package is delivered as easy install .zip archive. A detailed user manual can be downloaded in OpenOffice or PDF format separately.

Since V3.5 OpenSimKit comes with the extra feature to visualize the flying rocket in the astrodynamics 3D tool Celestia. The required add-ons for this feature also can be downloaded from this site.

The software can be downloaded from the "Software Download" subpage.

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OpenSimKit has been selected for the ESA Summer of Code in Space - see here:

and here



OpenSimKit V3.7.0  is out now and comes with a short screen video to provide an impression for newcomers....takes some seconds to load :-)

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